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http://nyrotic.com/feature-2/ At every FashionConvshow audience will view the latest collections from several experienced and talented designers,

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models on the runway with the latest look of hair and makeup by BeauteweekFashionConv Runway Show on

Beauteweek. … Beauteweek is for makeup stylist, models, photographers and designers for the FashionConv Runway

Show in Los Angeles FashionConv Runway Show.

Fashionconv is one hottest beauty event that hits Los Angeles LAX, Dallas, TX, New York City, NYC, Atlanta, ATL. Yes
we’re coming to a town near you. I guess you wondering what is the Fashion convention, well let me explain. We’re going
to bring you the hottest beauty event coming to a town near you. Let me tell you what you should expect. Beauteweek
bringing the biggest content creators, celebrities, brands, exhibitor, cosmetics brands



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